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Tampa Police Arrest Suspect in Child Abduction Scandal

On Monday November 4 Tampa police arrested a man who was accused of attempting to abduct a teenage girl. According to police, the man approached a 16-year-old girl just before 7:00 AM. She was walking to her school bus stop. He apparently annou...
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Ecstasy, Known as "Molly" Continues to Increase in Use

The rise of the drug commonly known as “molly” continues across the nation, as teenagers are increasingly being arrested for using and selling it. In Florida on October 17th, Joseph DeSalle, who is only 18, was arrested for selling ...
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Sex Crimes in Tampa Dangerously Close to University Property

Authorities from the University of South Florida have been warning students to be on alert. There have been a series of overnight home invasions. Apparently there were sexual assaults that actually occurred near the University of South Florida ...
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Tampa Man has Been Charged with Murder for Old Violent Crime

On Friday August 2 a Tampa man was charged with murder. The curious aspect of this case is that the crime he is charged of took place in May of this year. Police apparently do believe that the individual in question is the man who committed a m...
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Tampa: Girls, Guns and Drugs

There are reports on a group of female criminals who are on the loose.  These woman are apparently profiling men in expensive bars, taking them home, and drugging them before robbing them blind.  Police want these women off the street...
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Strange Murder Case Goes to Trial

In their opening statements to the court on the first day of the trial on June 4, 2013, the prosecution in the case of David Rodriguez stated that the accused had made many strange mistakes following his alleged fatal shooting of Colen Thomas d...
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Deputies Involved in Shooting - Suspect Survives

At about 8:30 on the evening of Friday, May 24, 2013, Pinellas County Sherriff’s Deputies in Tampa responded to calls about an unknown male driving an SUV and threatening to shoot pedestrians and drivers with what appeared to be an AR-15 ...
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Bank Robber Spanning Three Counties in Prison

Crimes committed by the man dubbed the “Bank Bag Bandit” have come to a close with the May 20, 2013 sentencing of David Dwinell of Palm Harbor to 27 years behind bars in a federal prison. Dwinell carried out armed bank robbery at fi...
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Under Surveillance - What the Government Now Knows About Your Online Activities

If you are doing nothing wrong, who cares who is watching, right? Wrong. While it is likely that you will not face any criminal charges for your innocent online activities, there are some very important constitutional implications of the govern...
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