Crimes committed by the man dubbed the “Bank Bag Bandit” have come to a close with the May 20, 2013 sentencing of David Dwinell of Palm Harbor to 27 years behind bars in a federal prison. Dwinell carried out armed bank robbery at five banks in three counties of the state – Pasco, Hillsborough and Fernando. He committed crimes wearing a disguise – a mask covering his face, dark sunglasses, dark hat and coat. He carried a blue bank bag with a zippered closure and used silver gun in the execution of the crimes. In all five robberies he approached the teller first and then produced the gun demanding the money. He was observed fleeing from the crime scene in a grayish color truck.

Evidence collected at his residence throughout the investigation included the gun, the clothing fitting the description of the armed robber at the three locations and the blue bank bag. There were latex gloves and panty hose found in the bag. When confronted with the evidence, the suspect admitted that he was the robber and that he had used these items in the crimes.

Some of the money stolen in the armed robberies was recovered in the home. There were packages of money still bound with the binding from the banks. The investigators located $100 in one-dollar bills and $500 in ten-dollar bills. In the office inside the home where the gun was located a sum of close to $7000 was recovered.

In his plea before the court, Dwinell said that he was in danger of losing his home through the foreclosure process and that he was in serious arrears on income tax payments. The sentencing handed down consisted of more than incarceration for a period of 27 years.  He also has to repay a total of more than $38,000 which is the amount of money stolen in the robberies. In addition he has to pass over about $14,000 found on his premises and which can be traced back to the banks.

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