There are reports on a group of female criminals who are on the loose.  These woman are apparently profiling men in expensive bars, taking them home, and drugging them before robbing them blind.  Police want these women off the streets, especially if they’re drugging their victims.  It is only a matter of time before they end up killing someone, hopefully by accident.  Victims of these women’s dare-devil crimes are have said not to have come forward, due to being embarrassed.  The Police in the Tampa and Fort Lauderdale area are all on the lookout.
These women, ranging from ages 23 to 27, for now include the following names:  Subhanna Beyah, Johnnina Miller, Keshia Clark, and Ryan Elkins.  Police believe that even more women are involved and that this ring is bigger then most people imagine.  These crimes have apparently been going on for months now and the women thieves have stolen over $300,000 worth of personal items including: watches, handguns, diamonds, and even his personal Rolex that one of their victims hand on his wrist.

A Victim that had come forward, by the name of Scott Rosen, was double teamed by the women thieves while enjoying drinks at a bar.  Rosen, age 54, told news reporters that two women seduced him and had him escort them back to his house.  While at Rosen’s home one of the woman distracted him, while the other made him a drink he’d soon forget, he’d been drugged.  The two woman ended up with over $250,000 of Scott’s belongings but he’s grateful that he still has his life.  A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office, Dani Moschella, expressed that the police really want to get these woman off the streets and into custody.  The sheriff’s office in unison with Crime Stoppers has offered a $1,000 reward for an anonymous tip that’ll lead to these woman’s arrest.

Going to a bar has never been more dangerous.  If you’re in the Florida area, watch out for these woman and be careful who you speak to.  Bringing someone back home could be the worse decision you’ve ever made.  You could wake up with everything gone, or you might not wake up at all.  Be alert, stay safe, and don’t put your drink down.