On Friday August 2 a Tampa man was charged with murder. The curious aspect of this case is that the crime he is charged of took place in May of this year. Police apparently do believe that the individual in question is the man who committed a murder a few months back.

Back on May 31, Demetrio Earle met with a couple of other people. According to police, these two other individuals were named Eddy Lee and Reggie Adams. They had met up in the parking lot of a McDonald's. The parking lot is located at 19080 Bruce B. Downs, according to reports provided by the Tampa police department.

During their meeting Earle ended up getting into a motor vehicle with both Lee and Adams. Apparently a fight broke out inside of the vehicle. Due to some sort of violence inside of the automobile, Earle jumped out. It was backing out of the parking lot at the time he had jumped out.

Demetrio Earle then got into his own car and started to follow the vehicle that Adams and Lee were in. Earle drew a firearm and started to discharge it into the other vehicle. His shots hit Lee in the arm, who apparently has recovered from his wounds to at least some degree. Adams, however, took gunfire in his chest. Police stated that Adams later died from his wounds.

As a result, Earle has been charged with second-degree murder. Currently he is being held without bail. While the violent crime in question did take place a fairly long time ago, a few months actually aren't that long to wait for a conviction. Some cases will actually take years to solve. Police were apparently able to get sufficient leads to ensure that this particular crime didn't linger for too long after it had taken place.

Since Earle's actions didn't appear to be premeditated, the charge of second-degree murder was applied. First-degree murder charges generally apply when a person actually planned to end the life of another individual and carried out a premeditated course of action.